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New Art for Still Here Still Healing

Season 2 of Still Here Still Healing is in the works and I teamed up with two really talented artists from my community to create new cover art for this season.

I am soooo hyped to share this new cover art with everyone! It took a couple hours of sitting in the dark being feasted on by mosquitos in a field but it was totally worth it.

The photos were taken by Brandon White - Brandon is a photographer and video journalist from La Ronge, Saskatchewan. He specializes in working with artists across disciplines, with scientists and researchers, and with visual representations of culture(s).

Let me just say that his talent is unmatched and I am in love with the work he produces. You can check out his photography here: B/W Photo

The visual art in the background of these photos were taken using a process called light painting (very cool tech, it was interesting to see how it worked), but the original artwork is by La Ronge artist Donna Langhorne aka Donna The Strange. She is a member of Fishing Lake First Nation and a lifelong resident of Air Ronge, Saskatchewan. She is a mother of three and has been working in Northern Saskatchewan as a self-taught professional artist since 2010.

The original piece is part of "The 7 Visions - Visions and Inspirations on Canvas for Healing and Reconciliation" The 7 different paintings address topics such as addiction, MMIWG, and residential school experiences. The series was recently featured and displayed at The Mann Art Gallery in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan.

Some paintings from this series were also part of the Eagles Rising Campaign that featured different Indigenous Artists across Canada. You can find more information here: Eagles Rising Artists.

Eagle in this painting represents love for residential school survivors.

It's so exciting that I had this opportunity to work with Brandon and incorporate Donna's artwork, we all grew up literally down the road from one another and to see all of our creativity intersecting in this way is beautiful. Thankful for these connections.

And now, the official cover art for Season 2 of Still Here Still Healing!

Season 2 Episode 1 of Still Here Still Healing will be released Friday July 24th and will be available on Podbean, Apple Podcasts, and Spotify.

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