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Collab with Awasis Boutique

Awasis : Child (Cree)

Christine is the proud founder of Awasis Boutique. She is a woman of Metis and Filipino roots from Saskatoon, SK. While raising two boys, she took time off from teaching and created the first Indigenous inspired baby and kids fashion line in Saskatchewan that features Michif and Cree language. Awasis Boutique was launched in February 2018 and has since gained national attention. She has been featured on APTN, CBC, and Style Canada just to name a few. In addition to shopping the online boutique, you can also find her products in shops across the province.


I'm so excited that Awasis Boutique has reached out to me to collaborate on some artwork for clothing designs! This is the first time that any of my artwork has been featured on clothing and I am so happy that this partnership is with an Indigenous owned business. Working with Christine, the founder of Awasis Boutique has been such a great experience and has really brought to light the work that can be accomplished when some badass Indigenous women get together to share ideas and work together.

Our first design pays tribute to Treaty 6 Territory and is now available to order from The artwork features a design that highlights the phrase "as long as the sun shines, the river flows, and the grass grows" which is a reminder that the spirit and intent of the treaties must always be honoured and upheld.

Future Collabs with Awasis Boutique

Our first collaboration on a t-shirt design went so well that we have decided to work together on a few more designs. Currently in the works are a bannock character, a Treaty 8 design, and an Orange Shirt "Every Child Matters" design. With these new designs coming out we also hope to start sharing a portion of the proceeds to organizations that support Indigenous causes or Indigenous moms & kids.

Both Christine and I are looking forward to working on these designs and sharing them with all of you! You can stay updated on the progress of these pieces by following our Instagram accounts: @awasisboutique and @jaderrr94. You can also find Awasis Boutique on FaceBook.

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